ClientTrack Comprehensive Case Management Software

Case Management Software
ClientTrack is—at its essence— a case management software solution, so every client we have is being given our case management support in some way.

Developed and engineered for more than a dozen years by experts in both human services and technology, the ClientTrack solution helps organizations improve efficiency in day-to-day
tasks, such as determining eligibility, developing case notes, tracking client progress, measuring outcomes, and providing referrals.

ClientTrack provides data intelligence that can drive decisions, inform policy, as well as promote and oversee partner performance. We understand that human services organizations have tremendous talent, passion, and capacity to serve their community well. What they desire is a uniformity of communication and access to real-time data intelligence to make the connections to help those they serve.

Imagine a case manager for a homelessness service Continuum of Care (CoC): With ClientTrack, the case manager can easily view and understand where “at risk” or literally homeless clients can have access to open beds, a hot meal, or simply create a reservation. Referrals are made and tracked, services are provided, and the case manager has a window into the entire enterprise of service and workflow. Most importantly, the case manager’s clients get the help they need for today—and into the future.

ClientTrack’s cloud-based solution can simplify how your organization works—and how you manage your clients’ information. It is highly configurable and engineered to collaborate with multiple organizations and different systems. With ClientTrack, you can:

  • Review caseload information—the way you want – Via the dashboard, reports, or Data Explorer™ (that performs detailed and in-depth analysis on their caseload as a whole).
  • Link documents to case files, including scanned documents – ClientTrack includes the ability to upload scanned files in direct association with client accounts. Additionally, the Chrome and Firefox browsers allow for an image captured through a webcam to be directly associated with the client account.
  • Track and analyze relationships – Multiple contacts can be associated with client’s record, thus relationships can be more specifically analyzed.
  • Search or set any field, merge data, run reports on caseload – ClientTrack’s Form Designer™ allows case managers to set any field as a search field on a search form, and create additional data collection fields, and merge client records.
  • Track applicants/admissions and discharges and view in multiple programs –You can record client participation in various programs, collect admission and discharge information, and manage multiple concurrent programs.
  • Edit and highlight case notes – Progress notes include several editing/formatting capabilities in ClientTrack, including spell check, font, font size, and text coloring.
  • Track services and any financial assistance provided to a client – The system administrator has the ability to explicitly control the list of services (including financial assistance) that their staff members can record.
  • Keep notified on case statuses – You can monitor each caseload and provide intuitive dashboards that improve efficiency through features such as reminders (for example, upcoming and overdue cases) and a built-in task alert system to effectively maintain case statuses.

General Features of ClientTrack Software focused on Case Management

All-In-One SystemSimplify your system with one solution that can manage your program needs, gather intakes, make assessments, and track outcomes. Automate complex processes, and eliminate the need to purchase separate software solutions for separate programs.
Tailored WorkflowsStaff and volunteers work how they like to work, and are guided through intakes that only gather the information they need.
Logic Model ResponsesStaff can do quicker intakes because they are assisted to ask further questions based only on previous responses (for example, if female a set of questions regarding pregnancy appear).
Simple Interface and WorkflowIntuitive design makes it easy to navigate through the system, learn the program features, and train others to gather inputs, make assessments, and run reports.
Case NotesSimplify your staff’s ability to enter case notes and allow them to save time by searching thousands of records in seconds.
Automated Eligibility DeterminationsImmediately assess eligibility for other supportive services.
Goal Setting and Outcomes TrackingEvaluate client progress and program effectiveness. Track progress toward goals using historical data recorded at different time points.
Push-Button Grant ReportsGenerate various required reports within seconds.
Powerful Ad Hoc Reporting ToolsUse our Data Explorer report builder tool to create ad hoc reports and query-specific data.
Integrated Mobile TechnologyEasily access ClientTrack from your smart phone, iPad, or other web-enabled mobile device. Gather inputs and access information while away from the facility.
Protected Upgrade PathsStay ahead of the technology curve and avoid the difficulties and expenses of transferring to a new system when your current technology becomes obsolete.
Security and EncryptionA robust security model featuring heavy encryption and anonymous client data-entry ensures security, privacy, and confidentiality of client information where it matters most.
Easy ComplianceHMIS compliant. Our expertise in human services will help ensure that your ClientTrack configuration will comply with all regulations and standards, including the most recent HMIS data standards changes from HUD.
High ScalabilityClientTrack can grow with your organization from managing a single site to multiple facilities or homes.