ClientTrack is an online performance management software solution that helps social service managers create a work environment that encourages staff members to be actively engaged in their work. The software is highly configurable and is engineered to collaborate with multiple organizations and different systems. Executive Directors and Program Managers can use ClientTrack to manage activities, make assessments, and track the performance, outcomes, and impact of social service professionals. ClientTrack software can be implemented within weeks and features a simple, easy-to-use interface which ensures an easy training environment. Agencies that use ClientTrack often save money by eliminating the need to purchase separate software solutions for separate programs.

Key Features of ClientTrack for Performance Management

Competency Metrics Based 60+ Key FactorsClearly defines expectations including knowledge, skills, abilities, and characteristics necessary to succeed as a social service professional. Allows your staff  to know what performance criteria they are evaluated against.
Goal Setting and TrackingHelp your staff members identify their strengths and limitations, with the purpose of developing plans for improvement.
Extensive Performance Outcomes and TrackingProvides outcomes you need to evaluate, reward, or discipline your staff in ways they perceive as fair.
Simple Interface and WorkflowIntuitive design makes it easy to navigate through the system, learn the program features, and train others to gather inputs, make assessments, and run reports.
High ScalabilityClientTrack can grow with your organization from managing a single site to multiple facilities or homes.
Powerful Reporting ToolsDozens of standard reports, or use our Data Explorer report builder tool to create ad-hoc reports and query specific data.
Integrated Mobile TechnologyEasily access ClientTrack from your smart phone, Ipad or other web-enable mobile device. Gather inputs and access information while away from the facility.
Protected Upgrade PathsStay ahead of the technology curve and avoid the difficulties and expenses of transferring to a new system when your current technology becomes obsolete.

Top Reasons to Choose ClientTrack
Implementation takes weeks not months or years.
Integrated Mobile Technology (smart phones, Ipads, and more).
Powerful ad-hoc Reporting Tools.
Improve your Efficiency and Collaboration.
ClientTrack features a Simple User Interface.
Consulting and Sys Admin services.
World-class Support and Advocacy.


About Our Company
ClientTrack is a leading provider of software solutions to human and social service organizations including agencies involved with workforce services. Our company is comprised of individuals who have a passion and talent for both technology and human services.  Founded in 1983, ClientTrack serves over 1,300 organizations and strives to understand the complexities and unique needs of those in the nonprofit world.
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