Solutions for Senior Services and Geriatric Care Management Software

Providers for senior citizens face unique challenges associated with increasing costs, decreasing numbers of care providers, management of Medicare funds, aging baby boomers, and increasing life spans. ClientTrack online care management software can help your senior services organization manage these challenges and increase your ability to provide the dignity and respect senior citizens deserve.

Key Features of ClientTrack Care Management Software for Senior Services

Simple Interface and WorkflowIntuitive design makes it easy to navigate through the system, learn the program features, and train others to gather inputs, make assessments, and run reports.
All-In-One SolutionSimplify your technology through one solution that manages all your needs, including incident and medication management, and other ancillary services that may be unique to your organization.
Security and Encryption Robust security and encryption ensure the privacy and confidentiality of client information.
High ScalabilityClientTrack can grow with your organization from managing a single site to multple facilities or homes.
Powerful Reporting ToolsDozens of standard reports, plus our Data Explorer tool enables you to build ad-hoc reports and query specific data. Showcase your outcomes to stakeholders and your community with stunning (built-in) reports, graphs, and charts.
Multiple Import / Export CapabilitiesSimplifies data sharing between systems without the need for expensive development.


Top Reasons to Choose ClientTrack
Implementation takes weeks not months or years.
World-class Support and Advocacy.
Powerful ad-hoc reporting tools.
ClientTrack features a simple interface and workflow.
Improve your Efficiency and Collaboration.
Integrated mobile technology (smart phones, Ipads, and more).
Consulting and Sys Admin services.


About Our Company
ClientTrack is a leading provider of software solutions for human service organizations including senior care centers. Our company provides software solutions for various groups that serve seniors as well as other populations. Founded in 1983, ClientTrack is comprised of individuals who have a passion and talent for using technology to make human service organizations successful. Our software is used by over 1,300 organizations in the human services and nonprofit world.
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