ClientTrack offers a flexible platform built to support the unique and specialized case management needs of health and human services.

Case Management for Behavioral Health

Case Management for Behavioral Health

ClientTrack delivers a platform for behavioral health case management that encompasses mental health, medical care, substance abuse, and the social determinants of health. With an integrated flexible case management system, certified EHR, medical billing, and analytics module, ClientTrack delivers a complete package for behavioral health case management.

Behavioral health is distinguished by the complexity of patient needs and the subsequent demand for custom treatment programs. Issues of coordination of care among multiple providers, the complexity of patient treatment, multiple treatment programs, and care delivered at multiple facility locations all combine to create a challenging environment for delivering quality care.

Because behavioral health care spans across multiple social and medical disciplines, a behavioral health case management program must do the same. No longer are limited, off-the-shelf software solutions sufficient to meet the demands of a complex behavioral health practice. But few organizations have the budget and resources to manage a largescale custom development effort.

Enter ClientTrack: the perfect combination of affordability and feature-rich functionality for today’s challenging behavioral health environment. ClientTrack extends the capability of traditional case management solutions with four integrated modules built on a shared database platform: a certified EHR, a powerful case management system, medical billing and revenue cycle management, and reporting and analytics.

ClientTrack helps providers bridge the gap between mental health, medical health, substance abuse treatment, chronic disease management, and preventative care. With a heritage in both social services and healthcare, our patient case management ensures the appropriate care is delivered based on the complete patient profile. Once care is provided, our EHR and revenue cycle management modules ensure the care is recorded, billed, and reimbursed appropriately.

Flexible Case Management

At its core, ClientTrack is a highly configurable patient case management system. Use ClientTrack to configure your own patient information screens, assessment tools, workflows, and program metrics. The system is flexible enough to fit your practice’s unique needs and criteria rather than forcing you into a pre-programmed workflow. ClientTrack helps improve efficiency in determining eligibility, developing case notes, tracking client progress, measuring outcomes, and providing referrals. Providers, staff, and administrators appreciate the system’s clean interface, intuitive workflows, and patient-centric design.

  • Library of commonly-used behavioral health assessment tools – Choose from a library of the most commonly used standardized assessment tools or create your own customized assessments
  • Individual goals, outcomes, and progress reporting – ClientTrack gives you the flexibility to customize a unique treatment plan for each patient or to assign standardized care plans as needs require

Certified EHR

ClientTrack is a Meaningful Use 2 certified electronic health record. You can use ClientTrack to document patient visits, therapy notes, medication, treatment plans, and lab results as well as outside factors influencing patient health. Forms can be configured to match provider preferences or specifi c program requirements. The ClientTrack EHR is natively mobile so providers have the flexibility to use tablets or mobile phones to document patient notes or lookup patient records from any location. The online portal makes documents and reporting available to outside constituencies in a secure but easily accessible location.

  • Medication tracking module – Record and track all patient prescriptions and dosage amounts
  • HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 Compliance – Built-in security controls with multiple levels of access protect patient data even among providers and care teams within the same organization
  • HL7-compliant data exchange for interoperability with other partners, labs, providers, and health systems

Revenue Cycle Management

The integrated revenue cycle management module works hard to get you paid. Information captured in the EHR is used to create ICD-10 and CPT codes for medical claims. Electronic claims can be billed to government or commercial payers through the integrated clearinghouse or printed to paper claims. The revenue cycle management module handles all aspects of the revenue cycle, from insurance eligibility queries to claims submission to receipt of the 835 claims remit notification.

  • Medical billing and revenue cycle management – patient eligibility checking, CPT and ICD-10 code lookup, medical billing claims submission, 835 claims remit
  • Scheduling and calendaring – Schedule patient appointments, repeat visits, and manage provider calendars from an easy-touse practice calendar

Reporting and Analytics

ClientTrack gives you two ways to access your data: through Data Explorer, an ad hoc data query tool, and through a library of defined reports. Data Explorer gives you instant access to your data through an easy-to-use query builder. Simply identify the information you want by dragging data elements into your query to generate an instant report with the insight you need. The library of pre-built reports provides formatted reports that cover a wide variety of outcomes reporting, financial reporting, and key metrics for your behavioral health practice.

  • Data Explorer – Data Explorer is a drag-and-drop query-builder that gives you instantaneous answers to pressing questions
  • Reporting and Analytics – ClientTrack’s reporting module provides formatted reports and graphs that give deep insight into your practice performance

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