ClientTrack Professional System Administration Services is ideal for organizations with fewer employees. These services help organizations avoid the costs associated with hiring an individual specifically to administer changes in your solution or create new reports. When new configurations or changes arise, a ClientTrack professional can help you to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Direct Access to an Expert

For organizations with a full-time system administration staff, the primary benefit of ClientTrack Professional System Administration Services is having direct access to an expert resource when needed, be it that your system administrator is too busy or they would simply like some assistance with configuration changes. Either way, ClientTrack Professional System Administration Services ensures that your organization will be able to adapt quickly, efficiently, and effectively in your every changing social service environment.

Systems Administrative Support Areas:

ClientTrack Professional System Administration Services consist of up to eight (8) hours per month of administration and support services for your implementation in the following areas:

Form and Workgroup configurations (New & Existing)
Workflow configurations (New & Existing)
Best practice recommendations and implementations of proposed new functionality or data collection needs
Usage of ClientTrack Integrated Data Exploration and Analysis — IDEA (to include: management of Query Designer, Domain Designer, Data Explorer, and Report Designer)
Setup data entry and maintenance


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Top Reasons to Choose ClientTrack:

Improved organizational efficiency. World-class Support and Advocacy. Integrated mobile technology (smart phones, Ipads and more).

Implementation takes weeks not months or years. User friendly Interface and Workflows.